Handmade Display Tables

Doug Mudd has been interested in bonsai for over twenty years now and recently become interested in displaying his collection of trees. Finding difficulty in obtaining good quality tables, he decided to make his own. Encouraged by friends, Doug now offers a worldwide service supplying high quality hand made tables in hardwoods which include mahogany, cherry, rosewood walnut and more. If you have a preference for another wood, no doubt Doug can obtain it for you.

The carefully crafted tables are finished using traditional stains and hard waxes. All the unique tables are supplied with a protective plywood case. Doug can also provide a service making daizas for your Suiseki show stones.

Doug maintains a small range of standard tables from his expanding range, but much prefers to work with his clients to design the table to complement their tree/pot combination. Doug is passionate about bonsai tables and only produces tables for his clients that he would be happy to display his own collection on.

Doug has made tables for many bonsai artists throughout Europe including Terry Foster, John Pitt, Mike Sullivan, Simon Temblett, Tony Tickle, Pete Warren and Kevin Willson to name just a few.

To obtain your quotation for a specific size, style or colour, or just more information, please contact Doug.